Vinegar & Grappa

The taste of tradition

Today the production of Tenuta Fontana is much loved and rewarded in different and important wine events.
But perhaps not everyone knows that Tenuta Fontana is not just wine, but also produces other protagonists of exception: the vinegar “Aceto di cielo” and the Primus grappa.


Aged for about twenty-four months in French oak barrels, it is a unique product, born from the experience gained by the Tenuta Fontana team in processing Asprinio di Aversa wine.
Its vigorous body is well suited to a decisive aging in barrels, giving this distillate a harmonious structure that enhances its sweet aromas such as vanilla, coconut and dried fruit.

Aceto di cielo

“Aceto di Cielo” is a vinegar produced from Asprinio wine from Aversa with the method of slow fermentation in chips in wooden vats.
It is an excellent dressing for salads and raw or roasted vegetables, on meats and to accompany cheeses.
In its use together with other seasonings it is important to follow the sequence: salt, vinegar, oil.

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