“La Morgia” Oil

La Morgia

The “La Morgia” organic extra virgin olive oil is born on the hills of Pietrelcina,
between Benevento and the place where San Pio was born and lived.
A simple and humble place, just like Padre Pio was, where the hills are cultivated mainly with olive and wheat trees which seem to be intertwined together almost to form a unicum interrupted only by the presence of old farmhouses. Tenuta Fontana, which gives its name to the farm, is located in the place where Via Paduli crosses the road coming from the Contrada San Nicola.
Nearby you can see Pietrelcina. Today on these hills and in their streets and districts, in the past crossed and traveled by Padre Pio, there is a mystical air.
Here is where our ancient olive trees grow.

A balanced oil

“La Morgia” organic extra virgin olive oil is a balanced oil, emerald green, intense fruity with light green notes of artichoke, herb and tomato leaves, slightly spicy, with a long persistence to the taste. These are characteristics that derive from the production area which is Campania, and make it one of the most appreciated oils of this area.

It has a low degree of acidity, just over 0.3 grams / liter, which makes it light and digestible, also suitable for feeding children.

Produced according to tradition

The production of the organic extra virgin olive oil “La Morgia” is carried out respecting the tradition of the territory through the technique of cold pressing of the best olives of the Ortice and Leccino varieties, which takes place within 24 -48 hours of harvesting in October and November.

Tasting notes
To better appreciate its taste and properties, it is advisable to consume it on a slice of bread, preferably cooked in a wood-fired oven, which is the classic snack of the rural tradition. This is the right way to appreciate even the most marked olfactory notes of the fresh olives of Ortice and Leccino with which it is produced. Appreciated as a raw seasoning for fresh and grilled vegetables and salads, it is particularly suitable for pairings with fish and pizza dishes. It gives the right flavor to legume and vegetable soups.

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