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WineHunter Awards

Tenuta Fontana is pleased to announce that the WineHunter commission has awarded for the year 2019 with five certificates of excellence to our wine productions.Here they are:

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Luciano Pignataro praises Tenuta Fontana

Tenuta Fontana thanks for the kind words spent by Luciano Pignataro – one of the greatest and most renowned ambassadors of taste – who in his blog has dedicated an[…]

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Tenuta Fontana official sponsor of the Summer Dinners in Ischia

The unmissable SUMMER DINNERS event arrives at its 14th edition, the food and wine festival that takes place in the enchanting location of the Regina Isabella Resort in Ischia.The Michelin-starred[…]

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A century-old tradition, a passion that is handed down from generation to generation.

These are the lands of Campania, between the countryside of Aversano and Benevento, where the Fontana family has growth since the end of the 1800. These are the selected places for valuable vineyards, first of all Asprinio, the excellent white grape, a natural heritage that the Fontana family has tenaciously recovered, protected and enhanced. Then there is the Falanghina and Sciascinoso grape varieties.
From the dream and initiative of Mariapina and Antonio Fontana, the fifth generation of the family, and of their parents Raffaele and Teresa Diana, in 2009 Tenuta Fontana was born, a farm for the production, processing and selling of quality wines: not only the white, fruity and fresh wine of Asprinio d’Aversa, but also structured red wines of the best Campania tradition, such as Aglianico.



Our environmentally friendly farming practices are officially certified by the certification body “ICEA” – Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, the body that deals with the safety of production, market transparency and health of consumption. We can therefore boast that the products of the vineyards and olive groves of the Estate of Pietrelcina is officially organic.

The term “organic farming” indicates a method of cultivation and breeding that allows only the use of natural substances, ie present in nature, excluding the use of substances of chemical synthesis.


San Silvestro vineyard

It will be Tenuta Fontana “to revive the” Vigna di San Silvestro “, the Bourbon vineyard that historically was part of the” Royal Delights “of the Bourbons.

The restoration of the ancient vineyard, located in the Oasis of San Silvestro behind the waterfall of the Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta, starts from the preliminary study of the soils to choose the rootstock best suited to the type of soil and the exhibitions present, continuing with the design and the execution of the works and finally arrive at the agro-environmental biological management of the vineyard.