The taste of tradition

A centuries-old tradition, a passion that is handed down from generation to generation.
These are the lands of Campania, between the countryside of Aversano and Benevento, that the Fontana family has been cultivating since the end of the 1800s.
These are the places of choice for fine wines, first of all Asprinio, the excellent white grape, a natural heritage that the Fontana family has tenaciously recovered, protected and enhanced with the Alberata method.

The result is a white wine with an intense flavour and fruity and floral scents. Then there are also the Falanghina and the Sciascinoso, two other historic Campania wines on which we rely and want to invest.

All quality wines, not only the fruity Asprinio d’Aversa with its decisive freshness, but also structured red wines of the best Campania tradition, such as  Aglianico.
Wines that enclose the scents, colors and flavors of the beloved territory of Campania. 

Civico 1

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Civico 2

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Civico 28

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Civico 44

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