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24/09/2018 - The harvest has just begun in our vineyards and it promises to be an excellent year: the climates and temperatures of the past months, characterized by a humid and rainy spring and a long hot summer have allowed a growing production of wine in terms of volume compared to last year and the realization of an excellent balance and finesse.We... [Read All]

07/09/2018 - September is the month of the harvest : the sultry heat should have left us for milder temperatures, the vibrant summer light slowly gives way to softer and more enveloping shades; very slowly the trees and meadows will turn from bright green to opaque and then give way to the warm shades of brown. After the 2017 harvest, which saw a decrease... [Read All]

27/08/2018 - The WineHunter Award commission has awarded the certificate of excellence to our Civico2 , Falanghina del Sannio, a vine symbol of Campana viticulture, the Civico 2 was born in Pietrelcina, Benevento, from vineyards planted with Guyot, in a territory that gives us elegance, fruity and intense aromas and a great longevity. And at our... [Read All]

13/08/2018 - On August 24th and 25th Tenuta Fontana will be present at the Palazzo Vinciprova in Pioppi to participate in the important event " Festival of the Mediterranean Diet ". The Festival of the Mediterranean Diet is a container of initiatives, developed over about forty days in the summer, which revolve around the most interesting cultural... [Read All]

06/08/2018 - The great success obtained in the 2018 edition of Radici del Sud in Sannicandro di Bari, saw the absolute protagonist of Civico 44 , decreed by the jury of wine writers as the first classified in the category "mixed group of white wines from native vines". The satisfaction obtained on this occasion makes the company Tenuta Fontana eager... [Read All]

24/07/2018 - The current Italian market is constantly changing. Today we are witnessing a consumer who is changing his approach to spending, paying more and more attention to health, environmental sustainability and product quality. All these values have contributed to a real lifestyle: the organic one. But what does " bio " really mean? The EC... [Read All]

09/07/2018 - Italy is the country of wine : this is what our history, our territory, our hills and, above all, our tradition say. And this tradition lives today, thanks to the growing market entry of the millennials, a moment of renewal due to a different attitude. The Millennials , the population aged between 18 and 35 years, today are as many as 2... [Read All]

22/06/2018 - The warm summer evenings and dinners with friends are characterized by laughter, chat and the desire to toast the arrival of the holidays: the wines for the summer are a fundamental component to fill one of the most intense seasons, and expected, of the year. White wine has always been the undisputed protagonist of summer toasts, but... [Read All]

13/06/2018 - From 5 to 11 June in Sannicandro di Bari took place the XIII edition of the multi-event dedicated to the enhancement of wines from the native grape variety of Southern Italy: Radici del Sud. This great event has given us in Tenuta Fontana an enormous satisfaction, for our Civico 44 has been decreed by the jury of wine writers as the... [Read All]

01/06/2018 - Radici del Sud is a multi-event dedicated to the promotion of wines from grape varieties native to southern Italy that will be held this year in Sannicandro di Bari from 5 to 11 June. The registrations for the thirteenth edition have already reached 100, thus testifying to the considerable interest on the part of the producing... [Read All]

14/05/2018 - On Saturday, May 12th, 2018, German Chancellor Angela Merkel received the Lamp of Peace of St. Francis from the Franciscan community in Assisi for "her work of conciliation in favor of the peaceful coexistence of peoples". The award was followed by a private greeting in the Chapter Hall with the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel... [Read All]