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12/07/2017 - Our estate extends over the hills of Pietrelcina , between Benevento and the place where Padre Pio was born and grew up. A simple and humble land, a magical landscape where olive-growing lands blend and interweave the fields of wheat, creating a single splendid spot of changing color, interrupted here and there by farmhouses and cottages.... [Read All]

12/07/2017 - We have an ambitious mission: we want to produce quality wines at an affordable cost, enhance the products of our land and bring them to the best restaurants and the most important wine shops in the world. Such a high goal is achieved only through a path of quality and attention. Our professional team follows all the steps: from grape... [Read All]

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12/07/2017 -   We believe that wine is one of the best way to promote a territory and its resources, its history and culture, its traditions and typical dishes. A product of excellence that can help people to discover the environment and respect the nature. We believe that quality is the universal language to use to be appreciated... [Read All]

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09/07/2017 - Altri [Read All]

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26/03/2015 - >tenuta fontana tour [Read All]

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26/03/2015 - "I will always remember the sweet scent of the vineyards mixed with that of September hay freshly cut and warmed by the sun. I was a child but I perfectly remember the days of the harvest . For me and my family September was the most important month of the year. Preparations were hectic and convulsed because everything had to... [Read All]

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