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18/10/2017 - Tenuta Fontana, in collaboration with IIMERGE, will be the official partner of the Mashable Social Media Days Italy event (19-21 October, Milan). One of the most important events in the world that celebrates the digital revolution, the dynamics, the potential of social networks and the impacts generated by them on our lives and business.... [Read All]

09/10/2017 -   The prestigious ASPI, the Association of Italian Professional Sommellerie , on its 10th anniversary, organizes two days of major events in Milan. On October 14th, there will be the Best Italian Sommelier Competition, at Hotel Magna Pars Suites while on October 15th , from 10.00 am to 3 pm, wine tasting with a selection of the... [Read All]

04/10/2017 - "My family has been cultivating land for ever, we are peasants for generations. And it is this direct and constant link with the earth that has allowed us to create high quality products with low environmental impact”. This is how Antonio Fontana begins the story of Tenuta Fontana and of the excellence produced. A secular tale of... [Read All]

21/09/2017 - Talking about Tenuta Fontana vineyards means thinking about the very history of wine because the wine’s tradition of this region dates back to the time of the Greek colonization, the far-away Magna Grecia of the VIII century AD. The best wines of antiquity, infact, were produced in Campania. Vineyards like Aglianico, Falanghina and... [Read All]

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