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Civico 28

Viticulture: Sannio Aglianico DOC
It is an important red wine result of the best tradition of Campania. It is producted with the most selected grapes and it can be try with bread and cheese dishes, also with all dishes. From its red colour likes a ruby, we can deduce its smoothness with balsamic note.

Civico 32

Viticulture: Falerno del Massico Rosso DOP 2012 
Intense and unreachable colour, into uncommon balance, in the glass it is full-bodied, slim, soft and grim at the same time. It enhances plum and blackberry, whereas at the end it tastes like licorice and ash.

Civico 34

Viticulture: Falerno Del Massico Primitivo DOC
One of the Tenuta Fontana’s wine is this lovable wine: it has a fruity-riped taste and it remembers the undergrowth.
Sip is important because this lovable wine is based of tannino and it is captivating thanks to the intense fruit and the freshness.

Civico 44

Viticulture: Asprinio di Aversa DOC
This traditional kind of Campania’s white wine has a pale-yellow colour and it has a fruity-flower taste, that decrease to an important flavourful and classical melannurca.
Its distinctive trait was born thanks to production methodology: sure enough winemakers used grapes farmed with the tree lined method, nine metres high. This wine enhance the taste of pizza, cakes and some kind of cheese, such as buffalo mozzarella.


With its pale-yellow colour and an elegant fruit scents, this wine offers great freshesness with sharpness.

Civico 2

La Falanghina è uno dei vitigni simbolo della viticoltura Campana, il Civico 2 nasce a Pietrelcina nel Beneventano dai vigneti coltivati a guyot, in un territorio che ci regala eleganza , profumi fruttati e intensi e una grande longevità. Un bianco dal colore giallo paglierino e dal carattere pieno e molto tipico, si abbina bene con i piatti tradizionali della cucina campana, con la mozzarella di bufala DOP e con il pesce.


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