Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Shipping

Shipping Costs and Times
The wine purchased on tenutafontana.com is shipped, both in Italy and abroad, by courier. Delivery times vary depending on the destination. They range from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 7 working days (for domestic shipments) and from 15 to 22 days for international shipments. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the package and the place of shipment. When the electronic order is filled in, the system automatically calculates the costs.
The tables below show a summary of our shipping costs.
Shipping costs for deliveries within the Italian territory
€ 10,00 for purchases of less than €150,00, free for purchases of € 150,00 or more
Shipping costs for international deliveries
Shipping costs vary according to the weight and volume of the package, the place of destination and the shipping method chosen (by area or by sea) and are to be estimated at the time of order.

Contract of Sale
The purchase of wines, like all spirits, is only allowed to those over 18 years of age.
Tenuta Fontana is an online store that complies with current legislation on e-commerce.
For each order placed Tenuta Fontana issues an invoice of the material sent by e-mail to the holder of the order (ex art. 14 DPR 445/00 and dl 52/2004). The data provided by the customer at the time of ordering will be included in the invoice.
No change will be possible after the invoice has been issued.
The correct receipt of the order is confirmed by Tenuta Fontana by email sent to the email address communicated by the customer.
This confirmation message will include all the data entered by the customer who undertakes to verify the correctness and to communicate any corrections promptly.
By placing an order on the site held fontana.com the customer declares that he has read the terms of sale, the payment methods proposed and the entire purchase process. With express reference to Articles. 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/89, the customer will receive, by e-mail, all the information necessary for the identification of the seller that the customer must keep together with the e-mail of acceptance of the contract.

Payment Methods
This store uses PayPal, the bank's system for Internet payments by credit card. Credit card transactions are carried out in complete safety, the system in fact uses new standards: SSL3 PROTOCOL A 128 BIT. Communication between the browser and the bank's server is guaranteed by SSL3 128-bit encrypted transport (currently the highest security standard with server-side certification).
Encrypted parameters The parameters transmitted through the customer's browser are encrypted with algorithms of high security, the consumer can not in any way interfere in the conversation between the merchant and the bank.
The tax document, invoice or receipt, will be sent at the same time as the product chosen.
Information on the right of withdrawal
Purchases on the site held fontana.com are subject to the rules of Legislative Decree no. 206/05, dictated on the subject of distance contracts, in cases where the delivery of goods takes place at the domicile of the buyer, as these purchases are made outside the business premises. The Community legislation, more commonly known as the Right of Withdrawal, provides that this right is exercisable only by natural persons (consumers) acting for purposes that can be considered unrelated to their business. The right of withdrawal, therefore, can not be exercised by legal persons and individuals acting for purposes related to a business. Also excluded from the right of withdrawal are purchases made by retailers or persons who, for any reason, buy for resale to third parties. What it consists of: the consumer has the right to cancel the contract within 10 working days of receipt of the goods, returning the goods subject to withdrawal to the seller, who will refund the price of the goods returned. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products delivered sealed, which have been opened by the consumer. To exercise this right you must have the following documents and data:
• original invoice (indicates the order number, invoice number, customer code);
• in case of partial withdrawal, in addition to the purchase invoice, the article code(s) of the products;
• bank details on which to obtain the transfer (CIN Code - ABI - CAB - Current account consisting of 12 alphanumeric characters of the invoice holder).

The procedure is as follows: the communication expressing the wish to withdraw may also be anticipated by fax, telegram, telex and e-mail, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with return receipt within 48 hours. The communication must be sent by registered mail within 10 working days from receipt of goods. The registered letter should be addressed to: Tenuta Fontana - Azienda Agricola | Contrada Starza 82020 Pietrelcina (BN) - Italy. The registered letter must contain the declaration of intention to exercise the right of withdrawal, indicating all the data mentioned above (order number, invoice and customer code, article number of products that must be subject to withdrawal, bank details).
How to return the goods: after activating the withdrawal procedure, it is necessary to insert the original packaging containing the goods in a special packaging, in order to protect the original packaging of the products from any damage, in writing or alteration. Tenuta Fontana reserves the right to refuse the goods received in the event of non-compliance with the above procedure. The goods must be sent at their own expense within a maximum of 20 days from receipt to the following address: Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola | Contrada Starza 82020 Pietrelcina (BN) - Italy.
In the shortest time possible and in any case within 30 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, the sums paid will be credited to the Consumer. The only costs borne by the customer are those relating to the return of the product.

Information and complaints
For shipments that arrive damaged to the buyer is provided, upon notification of the event, a free replacement shipment. For any clarification or complaint, tenutafontana.com can be contacted at the number +39 0824 991879 or by e-mail at info@tenutafontana.com (Monday to Saturday from 09.30 to 18.30).
As far as shipments are concerned, our couriers refer to the laws that regulate the transport of goods both in Italy and abroad.
"Compensation by the courier for loss or damage is limited to the maximums established by the law of 22 August 1985 no. 450 and subsequent amendments for shipments to Italy, or by the Warsaw Convention of 12 October 1929 and subsequent amendments for shipments by air, or by the Geneva Convention of 19 May 1956 for international road shipments.
To request insured shipping, please send an email to info@tenutafontana.com

Privacy Policy
Law no. 675 of 31 December 1996, containing provisions for the protection of persons and other subjects with regard to the processing of personal data, was repealed by Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, which introduced the new Code for the protection of personal data. To this end, Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola | Contrada Starza 82020 Pietrelcina (BN) - Italy, as independent data controller, is required to provide certain information regarding the use of personal data provided by the customer, or otherwise acquired in the course of their respective activities.
Source of personal data
The personal data in the possession of Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola are collected directly from customers or third parties such as, for example, in the event that you acquire data from external companies for purposes of commercial information, market research, direct offers of products or services. For the latter type of data, an informative note will be provided upon registration and in any case no later than the first possible communication. In any case, all these data will be treated in accordance with the law and the obligations of confidentiality which has always inspired the activity of our company.
The following data will be collected:
- user's IP address;
- personal e-mail address;
- Source URL address.
A) It may also happen that in relation to specific operations or products required by the customer, Tenuta Fontana comes into possession of data that the law defines as 'sensitive', because they can infer the customer's membership to associations or information on his health. For their treatment, the law requires a specific expression of consent.
Purpose of the processing for which the data is intended
The personal data provided by the customer are processed within the normal activities of Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola and for the following purposes:
- completion and support of access;
- to execute the transaction that the user is making;
- to perform legal obligations;
- for operational and management needs.

Methods of data processing
In relation to the aforementioned purposes, the processing of personal data is carried out by means of manual, computer and telematic tools with logic strictly related to the purposes and, in any case, in such a way as to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data. In any case, protection is guaranteed even when innovative channels are activated such as, for example, telephone bank and multimedia kiosks.
The data will be processed using suitable tools to ensure security and confidentiality and may also be carried out through automated tools to store, manage and transmit the data.
Categories of subjects to whom the data may be communicated
For the performance of most of its activities, Tenuta Fontana, like all large companies, also turns to external companies for technical and organizational reasons, in the establishment and management of relationships with customers. These are, in particular, subjects who carry out the following activities:
- the execution of works necessary for the execution of the instructions received from the clientele;
- the management of payment services, credit cards, tax collection and treasury, etc..
- fraud control and debt recovery;
- auditing.
B) It follows that, without the consent of the interested party to the communications to third parties and the related processing, Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola can only perform those operations that do not include such communications.
While awaiting such consent if the customer requests the execution of specific operations and services other than those proposed above, the execution of the same by Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola is to be considered as a provisional expression of consent limited to the processing of operations and services requested.
All the subjects belonging to the categories to which the data may be communicated will use the data as 'holders' pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003, in full autonomy, being unrelated to the original processing carried out at Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola.
The personal data in the possession of Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola may be communicated to other subjects, who may learn about them, as 'managers' or 'agents'. A complete and constantly updated list of the offices and persons in charge of the processing of personal data within Tenuta Fontana is available at the legal headquarters of Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola.
The personal data processed by the Bank are not subject to disclosure.
Rights under Article 7
Finally, we inform you that art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 confers on the interested parties the exercise of specific rights. In particular, the person concerned may obtain from the Data Controller confirmation of the existence or otherwise of his/her personal data and that such data be made available to him/her in an intelligible form. The interested party may also ask to know the origin of the personal data, the purpose and method of treatment, the logic applied in case of processing with the help of electronic means, the identification of the owner and manager to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully and the updating, rectification or, if there is interest, integration of data, to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of data concerning him also for the purpose of sending advertising material or direct selling.
The rights in question may be exercised, also through a person in charge, by sending a request to the person in charge appointed by letter. In the exercise of the rights, the interested party may confirm in writing, delegation or power of attorney to natural persons, entities, associations or bodies. The interested party may also be assisted by a trusted person.
Further information may be requested, in writing, from the legal offices of Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola.
The owners of the treatment are Tenuta Fontana Azienda Agricola.


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