Tenuta Fontana will bring back to life the "Vigna di San Silvestro", the Bourbon vineyard that historically was part of the "Royal Delights" of the Bourbons.The negotiated procedure for the granting of a concession for consideration for a period of 15 years for the restoration, cultivation and management of the ancient Bourbon Vineyard with a licence to use the Vigna di San Silvestro - Reggia di Caserta trademark was completed.Pallagrello, black and white, the wine that drove King Ferdinand of Bourbon crazy, will be produced again in the vineyard. The land on which the ball will be produced, extends for one hectare and is located within the forest of San Silvestro (with common entrance to the WWF oasis from via Giardini Reali Caserta behind the waterfall of the Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta.Tenuta Fontana will use the organic cultivation method, which is a system capable of protecting the environment by favouring the quality of the product.

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