Our environmentally friendly farming practices are officially certified by the certification body "ICEA" - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, the body that deals with the safety of production, market transparency and health of consumption. We can therefore boast that the products of the vineyards and olive groves of the Estate of Pietrelcina is officially organic.

The term "organic farming" indicates a method of cultivation and breeding that allows only the use of natural substances, ie present in nature, excluding the use of substances of chemical synthesis.

It means developing a production model that avoids over-exploitation of natural resources, in particular soil, water and air, while using these resources within a development model that can last over time.

Why choose ICEA certified Tenuta Fontana Bio Wines:

  • are products of excellent quality with remarkable characteristics of healthiness;
  • ICEA certification complies with EU regulations as well as international regulations and standards;
  • ensures very low sulphur limits, ICEA wines are even more natural than organic wines;
  • the ICEA brand is synonymous with guarantee and reliability on all organic products;
  • certifies a winery with low environmental impact.

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