What will we drink in 2019? Discover the trends with Tenuta Fontana

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We are in the first month of the year: January, a month of promises, redemptions, change and is the perfect month to start making predictions for the coming year.

As for the wine sector, we could say that 2019 will be a year characterized by the advance of bubbles, as it will increase the consumption of authentic wines, which convey pleasure without exaggeration, thus bringing out the new class of wines of unexpected sympathy: wines that previously exceeded 13.5 degrees now fall to 12.5.

In Italy, wine is appreciated, it is drunk in an increasingly conscious way and, like any other product, it is subject to fashions and passions that are not always temporary.

And among the big news for 2019, there is also the debut of "Olmo Spumante Brut", an excellent sparkling wine in line with the new trends 2019. The name is also a challenge, synonymous with strength, security and foresight.

This sparkling wine, born from a vine up to 30 meters high, has a history of 40 million years, as stated in the Republic of December 27, 2018.


In addition, for the arrival of 2019, Tenuta Fontana launches a new label: Civico 1, the most famous Sannio Sciascinoso in Campania, nicknamed "Olivella" because it derives from the elongated shape of its berry. It goes perfectly with pasta with ragout and meat-based first courses, white meats and medium-matured cheeses.

A positive debut for the young entrepreneurs of Tenuta Fontana, who are also honored to be part of the "Guide to the morning Campania Mangia & Bevi 2019" of wine and food blogger Luciano Pignataro among the "Sixteen top wines".


Do not miss the opportunity to learn about our news, and taste the other labels that can also be purchased through our innovative e-commerce link: http://www.tenutafontana.com/p/27665/carrello.html

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