Can using the wrong glass really ruin the quality of the wine during the Christmas holidays?

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Often the most common questions wine lovers ask themselves are: Which glass should I use for a white wine? And for a red wine?

Don't worry, with this simple guide we will help you to choose the right glasses for the Christmas holidays wines.

First of all, it must be clear that serving a wine in the wrong glass does not ruin its quality, rather it changes its taste, and that is why it is usually said "To every wine the right glass"!

It is necessary to be very careful, however, because the shape of the glass can enhance or constrain the aromas of the wine.
In the past there has been a lot of discussion on the subject, but when we realized the importance of the glass, we started to tie each type of wine to a specific shape.
Generally the right wine glass is the one that holds the liquid in its base, allowing a normal rotation so that the scents come out upwards without any obstacles, thanks to the open top.

A glass that has a larger base and shrinks upwards allows you to avoid dispersion by ensuring the right concentration of scents. The "bulging" glasses you find in all the pubs are perfect for oxygenation.
In particular for red wine, a larger glass must be chosen based on how structured a wine is.

Tenuta Fontana for these types of goblets offers you the Civico 28, a great red table wine, the result of the best tradition of Campania.

Expertly produced with the finest grapes, it is ideal to accompany the whole meal. This soft and savoury wine has an excellent ruby red colour.
For the long list of white wines you need smaller glasses, Tenuta Fontana recommends the classic Alberata, Asprinio straw yellow in color with fruity and elegant scents, with very present flavor and acidity.

Without having to go into too much technical detail, it is enough to know that over the years the use of the glass has become a craze, if not even a persecution, especially for many restaurateurs who, having to satisfy all customers, have equipped themselves with different glasses and dedicated according to the type of wine to be served.

In order to maintain, in addition to the perception of wine, an ad hoc pairing, the perfect associations between goblet and wine have been created, which all of us, today, try to follow.

Tenuta Fontana invites you to its tastings, in order to drink the different types of wine in their matched glasses to taste on your Christmas table the excellent Fontana bottles.

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