Tenuta Fontana's products for the party menu or for your gifts

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Are you looking for the latest Christmas gifts?

Would you like to find the best ingredients for the Christmas menu?

Bring to the table the excellence of the products of the tradition of Tenuta Fontana!
We recommend our special packages:

Superior package "A"

1 bottle of Civico 1;
1 bottle of Civico 2;
1 bottle of Aceto di Cielo;
1 panettone at number 44

Deluxe Pack

1 bottle of Alberata;
1 bottle of Civico 44;
1 bottle of Civico 28;
1 bottle of Aceto di Cielo;
1 bottle of "Primus" grappa;
1 panettone at number 44.

Buy them now: info@tenutafontana.com

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