Wines of Tenuta Fontana for the celebration of San Francesco d’Assisi

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On October 3 and 4, 2018, the solemnity of San Francesco d'Assisi will be celebrated.

For the occasion, more than 10,000 pilgrims, 250 mayors and 120 journalists will arrive in Assisi.

The Campania region was chosen to represent the annual tribute of the Italian municipalities to the Patron of Italy and for the fourth time in history will offer the oil for the volitional lamp that burns on the tomb of the Holy Poor Man.

In the morning ceremony that will be held Thursday 4 October will be attended by Premier Giuseppe Conte and in the afternoon at the final vespers of 16:00 hours, the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa.

At the end of the meeting the illustrious personalities will go to the reception where they will choose our Civico 44, the classic white native Campania straw yellow color characterized by a fruity and floral flavor that declines remarkable flavor and a classic scent of melannurca.

The core business of Tenuta Fontana has always been the quality of the product, which has led our excellent Civico 44 wine to be the first overall in the category "mixed group of white wines from native vines" at the XIII edition of Radici del Sud.

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