September: for Tenuta Fontana it is harvest time

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September is the month of the harvest: the sultry heat should have left us for milder temperatures, the vibrant summer light slowly gives way to softer and more enveloping shades; very slowly the trees and meadows will turn from bright green to opaque and then give way to the warm shades of brown.
After the 2017 harvest, which saw a decrease of 26% compared to the previous year, let's ask ourselves how it will look in the new year at the drips of the next harvest.

Tenuta Fontana is ready to embark on the exciting and tiring journey that awaits them every year.
The days will be intense and will involve all our team to start the creation of our famous civic.
It is precisely the memory of these magical days that led Raffaele Fontana, together with his sons Antonio and Mariapina, to the birth of the estate of the same name, managing to take shape and life to his dreams.

Thinking back, Raffaele Fontana describes the days of the harvest in this way:
"I feel the smells, sounds and lights of those mornings that will always remain in my memory. I still see the men engaged in the harvest, the women working singing folk songs and we children running among the ripe bunches of grapes snatching here and there some juicy grapes".

So let's start this period where we will begin to pick grapes, the scent of must, dinners in the cellar at the end of the day, scenes of outdoor life and sharing.
September has arrived, the harvest has arrived.
Come and experience these wonderful days at Tenuta Fontana!

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