Tenuta Fontana protagonist at the Festival of the Mediterranean Diet

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On August 24th and 25th Tenuta Fontana will be present at the Palazzo Vinciprova in Pioppi to participate in the important event "Festival of the Mediterranean Diet".

The Festival of the Mediterranean Diet is a container of initiatives, developed over about forty days in the summer, which revolve around the most interesting cultural and anthropological aspects of the Mediterranean lifestyle.
This important moment is an opportunity to convey the principles of the Mediterranean Diet to a wide and varied audience of users: young and old, tourists and experts.

It is also a way of putting into practice as effectively as possible the safeguard measures that Unesco imposes on goods declared to be part of the heritage of mankind, such as the promotion, dissemination and transmission of their special features.

Within the event was created a Tasting Review of Organic and Biodynamic Wines of Campania, which could not miss the company Tenuta Fontana with its long list of civics and labels BIO.

This event will include meetings, tastings, cooking and ceramics workshops, show cooking, wine and oil tastings, Lecturae Dantis, jazz concerts at dawn, book presentations and excursions.

The Festival of the Mediterranean Diet could not fail to reserve an exceptional space for wine, symbol of excellence of Campania and spokesman for the quality of products and territorial ties.

The Campania BIO wine is the protagonist of the tasting, therefore, examined by a commission made up of oenologists, experts in the sector and sommeliers.

The wines that can participate in the selection are divided into the following categories:

  • Sparkling wines
  • White wines
  • Rose wines
  • Young red wines
  • Refined red wines

In particular, the tasting review will be divided into two important moments:
in the first the wines participating in the selection will be examined by a commission to evaluate the samples and assign a first prize plaque, and then an additional plaque for the best quality/price ratio.
In the second moment, instead, a review will be carried out with the additional labels that each company will send.

We hope to impress the jury with our organic wines from Campania and we look forward to seeing you at the tasting tables with lots of news.

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