The current Italian market is constantly changing. Today we are witnessing a consumer who is changing his approach to spending, paying more and more attention to health, environmental sustainability and product quality.

All these values have contributed to a real lifestyle: the organic one.

But what does "bio" really mean?

The EC regulation n. 834/2007, which establishes the rules on organic production valid for the whole European Union, defines it as follows:

"A comprehensive system of farm management and food production based on the interaction of best environmental practice, a high level of biodiversity, the conservation of natural resources, the application of high animal welfare standards and production tailored to the preferences of certain consumers for products produced using natural substances and processes".

Tenuta Fontana, in fact, considers the adherence to the protocols of Organic and Quality Farming an crucial point of its activity with the dual purpose of offering a healthy product to its consumers and improving its daily company standards.
Precisely for these reasons the company has decided to undertake this journey with its wines from organic farming and obtained from native vines and ancient cultivation.

A route that has officially conferred to Tenuta Fontana the "ICEA" certification - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, synonymous for guarantee, control and quality for organic products.

This mindset will be essential for us in the project of rebirth of the vineyard of San Silvestro, the Bourbon vineyard, part of the Reggia di Caserta.
The agriculture chosen for the rebirth of Pallagrello, black and white, is organic, a method of cultivation that only allows the use of natural substances, excluding the use of chemical synthesis and thus avoiding the over-exploitation of natural resources with a model that can last over time.

"This type of cultivation takes time, at Tenuta Fontana we will take what we need to ensure absolute quality and environmental protection," says Mariapina Fontana, co-founder of Tenuta Fontana.


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