Wine and Millennials: what do they have in common?

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Italy is the country of wine: this is what our history, our territory, our hills and, above all, our tradition say.

And this tradition lives today, thanks to the growing market entry of the millennials, a moment of renewal due to a different attitude.
The Millennials, the population aged between 18 and 35 years, today are as many as 2 billion in the world.

They are the first generation to be digitized and hyper-connected, with very different characteristics of behaviour and purchase compared to previous generations.

In America, for example, they are the generation that drinks more wine than any other, with 42% of total consumption.
Their choice of purchase is guided primarily by the notoriety of the brand and much less by the type of wine.

This target, which increasingly guides and influences preferences in the food sector, is distinguished by its high level of curiosity, the use of social channels and the attention it pays to the sector's influencers.

The two co-founders of Tenuta Fontana also belong to the generation of millennials.

And before many competitors they have understood the importance of developing a proposal in line with the expectations of their peers such as purely aesthetic and design factors, such as packaging and labels, attention to innovation, sustainability, online presence and creativity.

It is also for these details that Tenuta Fontana is expanding its market shares and managing to carve out a growing visibility.

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