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The warm summer evenings and dinners with friends are characterized by laughter, chat and the desire to toast the arrival of the holidays: the wines for the summer are a fundamental component to fill one of the most intense seasons, and expected, of the year.

White wine has always been the undisputed protagonist of summer toasts, but unexpectedly even reds, to be tasted fresh, will be the new protagonists.
It's quite difficult to determine exactly what the 2018 trends will be, but with this article Tenuta Fontana, an expert in the wine sector, wants to anticipate the main wine trends of the coming season.

In summer, fish recipes are usually the most popular; flavours, colours and scents brighten up our tables.
The delicacy of the fish and the different preparations require more attention than usual in the choice of wine.

Tenuta Fontana recommends the combination of fish with dishes starring, the latest winner in the XIII edition of Radici del Sud, Civico 44; a classic Campanian white with a straw yellow color characterized by a fruity and floral flavor.

Summer is not only fish, but also synonymous with "grilled".
In particular, for the fillets and the beef sirloins, Tenuta Fontana recommends its Sannio Aglianico DOC, civico 28; a great red table wine, a soft and tasty wine with pleasant balsamic notes, the fruit of the best tradition of Campania, and its Civico 32 with its intense color, almost impenetrable.

In addition, for the summer the company will present its latest novelty, civico 2, to be perfectly matched with the traditional dishes of the Campania cuisine, in particular with buffalo mozzarella PDO.
Generally, however, for selections of cheese and cold meats Tenuta Fontana recommends an intense wine, which has a persistent and warm taste with hints of ripe fruit and undergrowth, Civico 34.

The heat is coming and how not to think about having lunch with a summer salad?
Tenuta Fontana recommends an excellent condiment, aceto di Cielo, a vinegar produced from the Asprinio di Aversa wine with the slow method of fermentation by chipping in wooden vats.

To learn more about the best combinations of summer 2018, contact us and book your tasting, a way to stimulate the senses by tasting the best wines selected by Tenuta Fontana in the historic locations of Pietralcina and Carinaro.

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