From 5 to 11 June in Sannicandro di Bari took place the XIII edition of the multi-event dedicated to the enhancement of wines from the native grape variety of Southern Italy: Radici del Sud.

This great event has given us in Tenuta Fontana an enormous satisfaction, for our Civico 44 has been decreed by the jury of wine writers as the first overall classified in the category "mixed group of white wines from native vines".

The competition was attended by over 300 wines, divided into different categories of grapes and judged by 4 tasting commissions, two composed of journalists, influencers and Italian and international wine writers, and two composed of buyers from different backgrounds: China, the United States, Brazil, Holland, Sweden and other European countries.

This wine has managed to impress the judges with its remarkable fruity and floral flavor and with a classic hint of melannurca.
Civico 44 is a classic white wine from Campania with a straw yellow colour and a specific production method.

Grapes cultivated with the production system of Alberata, in particular grapevines that reach 9 meters high, are used for the production of the wine.
On the palate the flavour is fresh, lively and characterized by a satisfying pleasantness.
It is recommended to combine the whine with the flavor of pizza, rustic cakes, cheeses and in particular buffalo mozzarella.

With its participation in the second consecutive edition of this important event, Tenuta Fontana achieved a very satisfactory result replicating that of last year, when the label Civico 28 had been chosen among the top 10 Aglianico Wines according to the Wine Buyers Jury.

Below is the official link where you can find the list of wines winning the 2018 edition:

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