Radici del sud 2018: the wine fair is increasingly international

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Radici del Sud is a multi-event dedicated to the promotion of wines from grape varieties native to southern Italy that will be held this year in Sannicandro di Bari from 5 to 11 June.

The registrations for the thirteenth edition have already reached 100, thus testifying to the considerable interest on the part of the producing companies in the proven event, which offers on the Italian and world stage the particular production of wine with great success by the public and critics.

There is growing international interest in the Salon des Wines et des Oliues de Süd, which will be attended by journalists selected from the most representative international newspapers in the sector, wine buyers and importers from various countries of the world.

The event is an opportunity for wineries to interface with wine buyers and wine writers from various countries around the world such as Denmark, the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, South Korea, China, Canada and Brazil.

Let's mention just a few of the many Italian special guests present at the event:

  • Francesco Falcone (giornalista – WineSurf)
  • Chiara Giorleo (giornalista – Luciano Pignataro Wine Blog)
  • Andrea Terraneo (Vinarius)
  • Pasquale Porcelli (giornalista – Wine Surf)

This event aims to promote and make known those wines from native grape varieties of the South still little known outside the national borders through the blind-tasting and the many gastronomic specialties offered by food exhibitors.

Tenuta Fontana always takes part with honour in all the initiatives of the wine sector, and such a significant event could not fail to be held.
He participated in this event for the second consecutive year, in 2017 his label Civico 28 was chosen among the top ten Aglianico Wines according to the Wine Buyers Jury.
It has been described as a great table red, the result of the best tradition of Campania, produced with the finest grapes is a soft and tasty wine with pleasant balsamic notes.

In the 2018 edition Tenuta Fontana will participate exclusively in B2B meetings with buyers, important moments of meeting between producers and importers, which will be held on June 10 at the Castello Normanno Svevo in Sannicandro di Bari, the symbolic location of the city.

Hundreds of foreign buyers from all over the world will be present to get to know the winemaking realities of Southern Italy, tasting and directly comparing themselves with the producers, and offering new opportunities for the opening of new channels.

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