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Now in its eleventh edition returns to Naples from 3 to 25 May 2018 Wine & The City the festival that celebrates the creative thrill! More than 100 wineries and as many public and private sites including museums, boutiques, art and design galleries, large hotels, artists and creative ateliers, restaurants, wine bars, gardens, monuments and metropolitan vineyards to celebrate under the banner of good wine.
Theme of the eleventh edition: the "game".The game as discovery, fun, creative pause, freedom of expression, as rules to subvert and the desire to be together. The game as intoxication of life. In fact, the novelty of this year is the fascinating Urban Game where there will be then raids of art in the street, sea excursions, starry dinners and tastings. 

And it is in Naples that this important project was born, born from an idea of Donatella Bernabò Silorata as "Fuori salone del vino" of Vitignoitalia. It was the first food and wine event in Italy that immediately caught the attention of the media and the public for having taken wine and sommeliers beyond the usual places (source: Wine & The City).
With the aim of offering a showcase in the city to the wineries that participated in an event dedicated to wine (VitignoItalia) - tells the story of the ability of a small team of young women to transform an innovative idea, but easily replicable (as would soon have happened) in a wide-ranging business project, with characters absolutely unique and difficult to imitate, able to evolve and adapt over time.

After the great success at Vinitaly, Tenuta Fontana proposes its products linked to the Campania territory also in this very important appointment.
Monday, May 14 at Palazzo San Teodoro there will be tastings and presentations of wines and labels Tenuta Fontana.
In addition to the "civic veterans" in this new edition of the W&Tc you can toast with the great novelty, the Civico 2. This new wine was born out of Tenuta Fontana's desire to pay homage to a vine that is a symbol of the Campana - Falanghina IGT viticulture. In a territory that offers elegance, fruity scents and a great longevity.
There are many events in the 2018 edition, such as the tasting on Tuesday, May 15 at "La Casa di Ninetta".

While during the days from Sunday 20 to Tuesday 22 May in room C31 (at the event Vitigno Italia, one of the most important Italian wine events), there will be about 250 wineries from all over the Peninsula, for a total of more than 1,500 labels to taste.
This event is ready to amaze you with many guests who flock to the Castel dell'Ovo, the oldest castle in Naples, overlooking the gulf and retains all the charm of Italian history.
An experience with a surreal atmosphere. Impossible to tell, you can only live.

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