The wait is over: Civico 2 is now ready to conquer you

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Tenuta Fontana has expanded the list of its products by adding "Civico 2" to its range, a wine that comes from the Falanghina IGT Campania grape variety.

Falanghina, together with Aglianico, is the oldest vine linked to viticulture in Campania. Forgotten for a long time its rediscovery started at the end of the 90's, since then its success has been growing and unstoppable until today it represents a synonym of quality and a source of pride for Campania in the world.

The cultivation with low yields, the more and more accurate vinifications make it a wine of great personality, which allows itself to be appreciated because of its fresh and fragrant aromas. Its name derives from the Latin "falangae" which indicated the support poles used for the cultivation of the vine.
The phalangin has a good alcohol content and a medium acidity, spicy shades of vanilla and a color from straw to golden.
Civico 2 will be produced in the vineyards planted with Guyot in Pietrelcina, a magical landscape, with mystical atmosphere, where the land planted with olive trees mixes and intertwines with the fields of wheat, almost as if to form a single splendid spot of changing color interrupted here and there by farms and farmhouses.

Thanks to the characteristics of the territory, the wine production is of great value, both for the perfect harmony of its aromas and for the balance of its composition.

Civico 2 is distinguished by its freshness and brilliance. This wine, elegant in taste and presentation, incarnates fully the mission of Tenuta Fontana: to enhance the products of Campania with the aim of bringing them to the best Italian restaurants and the world. The Civico 2 goes perfectly with spaghetti with clams, risotto with shrimps and pasta with octopus. It is also excellent in the case of grilled or baked fish, buffalo mozzarella PDO, fresh or poorly seasoned cheeses.

The wait is therefore over come and discover the "civico 2" and the complete line of wines of tenuta fontana estate on our site:

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