Tenuta Fontana is not just wine!

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Tenuta Fontana was born from a story made up of simple and exceptional people who have been able to transform their work in the vines into something extraordinary.
They have been able to produce a wine that includes the aromas, colours and flavours of the beloved Campania region.
Today the production of Tenuta Fontana is very much loved and rewarded in different and important wine events.
Perhaps not everyone knows that Tenuta Fontana is not only wine, but also produces two other protagonists of exception: Aceto di cielo and grappa Primus.
Sky Vinegar is produced from the Asprinio di Aversa wine with the method of slow fermentation in wood vats.
It is an excellent condiment for delicacies such as salads and raw or roasted vegetables, on meats and to accompany our typical Campani cheeses.
While the original Primus grappa is aged for about 24 months in French oak barriques is a unique product of its kind, born from the experience gained by Tenuta Fontana in the processing of Asprinio di Aversa.
Its vigorous structure adapts well to a strong aging in barrels, giving this distillate a balanced structure that exalts sweet aromas such as vanilla, coconut and dried fruit.
Perfect for the end of the meal and accompaniment for desserts.
Grappa has always been the promoter of a positive message of awareness and sharing.
An ancient excellence that expresses words of serenity, peace, warmth and family.
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