Francesco Bartoletti, wine expert

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Francesco Bartoletti graduated with the highest marks at the University of Florence, Agrarian faculty, with the title of Enologist. He has been professionally trained at Marchesi de 'Frescobaldi where he has gained significant experience in the analytical and quality control of wines. Later, he held an important training stage in California at the Seghasio Winery in Sonoma Valley, where he expanded his practical and scientific knowledge. After that he joined the Matura Group in 1998 as an enologist, working closely with Attilio Pagli and Alberto Antonini and following numerous wine cellars in Italy and some projects in Europe, including Spain and Romania.

Since 2001 he has been a consultant in the wine sector. He has had significant experience as a consultant in southern France. Member of the Doc and Docg wine tasting commissions, and rapporteur at AIS and FISAR courses. He has held numerous courses and seminars in major Japan cities and participated as a judge at the Japan Wine Challenger in 2007 and at Vinofest in Vrsac in Serbia in 2011 and 2012.

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