The story of Tenuta Fontana is a secular tale made of humble and tenacious people who have always cultivated the land in Campania region. A story made of simple yet exceptional people who have turned their work in the fields into something extraordinary: a wine that encloses the perfumes, colors and flavors of the beloved Campania territory.

Everything begins with the Asprinio, produced today with the label Civico 44 by Tenuta Fontana, one of the oldest wines of Campania. We are in the second half of 1800 and the trisavoli of Mariapina and Antonio, begin to cultivate the vines of Asprinio with the method of the Alberata. They produce a white wine with an intense flavor and fruity and floral scents. Very soon the Asprinio of Fontana family becomes appreciated and highly sought after.

The care of these centuries-old vines, which requires a lot of attention, is handed down from generation to generation to Antonio Fontana and more recently to Raffaele Fontana, respectively grandfather and father of the two young entrepreneurs, Mariapina and Antonio who founded Tenuta Fontana in 2009.

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