"I will always remember the sweet scent of the vineyards mixed with that of September hay freshly cut and warmed by the sun. I was a child but I perfectly remember the days of the harvest.

For me and my family September was the most important month of the year. Preparations were hectic and convulsed because everything had to be ready for the days of the harvest everything in order not to compromise the hard work of an intere year.

My grandparents were the soul of those days. Their home was filled with sounds and smells. They were humble and respectful persons who hoped for an abundant harvest with confidence and The first day of the harvest, the alarm clock rang before dawn. All of us, great and kids, sitting on the trailer, still sleepy, we left cheerful and festive in the direction of those vineyards full of promises that opened in front of us in the golden sunrise. What a wonder I felt in front of the rows that stretched far beyond the horizon.

What extraordinary things memories are! For a child the world looks great and big, everything looks magically huge and even a vineyard can become a "fairytale place".

The image of those days is engraved in my heart and memory. I feel the smells, the sounds and the lights of those mornings. I still see people engaged in the collection, working while singing folk songs and the children running between ripe bunches of grapes riping here and there some juicy grape.

Even today, the grazing of frogs and the slicing of crickets are sounds that keep me in mind those days. When the sun was beginning to rise, the spectacular view of the tree-lined rows of Asprinio.

I still remember with the great wonder of my childhood, the men clinging to their tall stairs at twenty feet high. Like spiders on wires made of branches, they picked the clusters with their hands and laid them gently in the baskets. They seemed to me like tightrope walkers running fast on an imaginary wire.

Lunch was a memorable moment. People ate with great appetite and then rested lying in the shade of some majestic olive trees. The afternoon hours slipped fast. Shortly before sunset, we finally came home where, while the adults continued to work till dinner with, the children fell asleep. This is, in my memory, the typical day of harvest!

I decided to create Tenuta Fontana because I wanted to turn to reality my dreams and my memories. Tradition and innovation, past and future, this is Tenuta Fontana. Our desire is to offer quality products that can spark intense emotions like those of my childhood memories. "


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